Our stakes are very resistant to weather conditions. They are solid, have a long service life and versatile use. 
Type of stake  Description PROFILE LENGTH
Technical stakes Technical stakes are used mainly in garden gardens, but also in construction. The standard size is 100 cm. However, the application can also be found when planting young trees or fences. 2,5 x 2,5 cm  80 – 200 cm
Traditionally planted They are used in vineyards, most often in Bordeau and Tuscany, We make them only for custom. 6 - 10 cm 100 – 200 cm
Chopped stakes They are used in vineyards, most often in Bordeau and Tuscany, where they often supply our company. In addition to being used in the vineyards, they are also suitable as a bark for farm cattle. 6 - 10 cm 100 – 300 cm
Debarked stakes Deflated robinia stakes between 3 and 4 m are mainly used for the fields, the boundaries of the hunting areas and the pulling of the netting along the roads. According to the technology that wheels come to the ground, you need to specify whether or not a pin is needed. 10-24 cm 100 – 400 cm
Debarked abraded Debarked and smoothly polished robinia wheels are the most suitable and most durable. They are non-black, they do not form chips and have a long service life without staining or impregnation. 10 - 25 cm 100 - 400 cm
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